Wednesday, January 11, 2012



The X-Men rush to Yui's aid, as she is attacked by a giant spider-like monster. Upon defeating the monster, they are shocked to discover that it reverts back to Riko Nirasaki who was afflicted by Damon-Hall Syndrome. KĊichi Kaga flees in terror. Beast vaccinates Riko while continuing to interrogate Yui, continuing to build suspicions that she is withholding information. Meanwhile, Kaga transforms into a monster due to Damon Hall Syndrome and attacks the X-Men, but is defeated. As she reverts from diamond form, Emma catches a glace of Jun Sanada and sees his image flicker to that of Mastermind, and he vanishes. After Kaga is vaccinated, Cyclops and Wolverine confront her about their discovery of a secret medication she had supplied Riko and Kaga with demanding an explanation. Meanwhile, Xavier flies the Blackbird to Tohoku, reflecting on his and Yui's long history of work for mutant children and their intense and abruptly ended romance, but suddenly finds himself and the ship trapped in a dimensional rift over Tohoku.



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