Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And Now...

Never thought it would be like this..

After surviving companies and corporations' legal threats throughout the years, death threats from rappers (lol), and other fuckery... it was the filehosts that bitched up?

Yes. All of our filehosts accounts were deleted along with every single file in the accounts (Filesonic,Filejungle,Fileserve,Megaupload, etc). We took what we thought was appropriate precaution at the time by keeping backups of every file on at least 3-4 filehosts, now literally every filehost that we used is jumping ship from what happen to megaupload.

That means theres over 16,500 dead links/posts that need to be reupped and edited.

I don't have time for that tainters. I got my own business to run that I've been so damn busy with lately that I barely had time to do the administrative shit that needed to be done with MT as of recent. Even if I did have time/energy...what filehost would we use? What if that said filehost does the same thing as all the others and folds? There is no trust left with any of these hosts from me, they've taken my trust along with my money, files, accounts and ran for the hills. Fool me once....

I'd say we had a damn good run. Being the first Hip Hop related download blog/blogger blog starting in 2006 and made it till now while watching everyone else disappear along the way. We posted unique shit that was unlikely to find anywhere else at times, granted requests, gave back to artists on Promo Sunday , even dropping some jewels and computer knowledge time to time.

I've met some of my favorite rappers/entertainers during its run. From the rappers showing love and asking that I "just keep it low don't tell anyone but I've been going to your site for a while" and others that will say "love the site, just don't post my album!" All was a surprise and never thought that my site would reach those people/artists.

So shoutout to everyone who ever reached out to show love, all the loyal tainters.

Last but definitely not least the posters who kept grinding and bringing downloads, time, energy, and personality on a daily basis.

What now? The virtual landscape of filehost filesharing looks grim at best now that governments are getting involved. Not sure what's going to happen with that... only time will tell. As for mexican-taint.com the domain will be going up for sale. Anyone who is interested click the link at the end of the post for the info. Serious inquiries only.

If you'd like to help immortalize the site how about some user definitions/input to Urban Dictionary (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mexican+taint) and sites like it? Or you can always leave comments/whatever on the Facebook Page  and Twitter Page.

Feel free to leave your comments/goodbyes below.



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Ethan said...

Thanks for everything.

La Shmoove said...

Thanks tAiNt for everything over the years. Man, the filehosts really fucked us good. I wish you much success in your future endeavors. Hopefully we'll see you around the internets.

La Shmoove

2DamTrill said...

It's been real. Thia has been my favorite site for years. It will be missed! Thanks for your dedication and your hard work Taint!
PROPS 4 life!

detroitkingpin said...

DAAAAAAAAAMN!!! I feel like i've been around since the early days of the Taint!! Sad to see you go bruh, you kept it 100000000 fo sho!!!

emperorvince said...

I'm sad to see ya go..this has been one of the best places. Keep doing what ya' do and handle your business..Peace !

RosetownBaller said...

Everything you have done is so much appreciated. Allowing the younger generation access to classics that i couldent find otherwise. Please let us know how we can support you in the future!

alley al said...

the posts had been type light..
but i didn't think it would come to this.
ayo, thanks for errthing you dunndiddit.
we appreciate you, taint san.
stay up on the fb and all that,
maybe you'll make a comeback when these hosts
get they shit togever.
stay up!!

Anonymous said...

Don't vote for Obama in 2012 is all I have to say.

Sherm said...

Damn..thanks for all yall did, but it still sucks. So sorry that it's the end. Hopefully they'll find MU not guilty and we can keep this thing of ours alive...

Much respect and props to taint and all the tireless uploaders...yall are my heroes.

NotoriousRambo said...

Damn taint I never thought shit would come to this either I just thought shit just evolves into something better but shit has literally hit the fan. Its been a good run man. I remember stumbling upon ur site back in 06 which started my hardrive collection since I have downloaded so much stuff I have 12 two terabyte drives and they are all filled mostly with stuff from your site and a few others but not as much as Taint. Thanks for All the files and it was greatly appreciated ur hard work wasnt in vein homie. Sad to see the site go but I know this wont be the last we see of you.
On A side not taint I am in a way kind of happy that what happened to megaupload happened don't get me wrong I Love all the stuff I downloaded but It Became a Serious Addiction. I would download and keep doing it no matter how much time it took and how late I was up which is why I have so many hard-drives. For the past few months since the megaupload shutdown I Kind of felt relief and at ease because I didnt have to spend hours downloading each day like I did since Mexican Taint has been in existence yes i said everyday! so with that thanks once again homie its been a good run.

Big Sando said...

The statue of Michael Jordan at the united center reads "The greatest there ever was, the best there ever will be" and the same can be said of MT. Thanks to all those who know they deserve it, even the bitchs that made the comment box entertaining.

Ya'll have truly influenced our lives (especially us overseas) that might not have had access to some of the great material.

If ya'll come back or go on the sneak hit me up davesando@hotmail.com I'll keep a candle burning for a return, gone but not forgotten.

Much love and thanks for making my life better for the experience.

benbick said...

Thanks for always keeping it real.

benbick said...

Thanks for always keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

Come back in near future will be needed.
will be looking forward to that. Do what you gotta do but dont ever forget.
Do what you gotta

Anonymous said...

it was me , i grassed you up

DJ NITTI said...

Damn man this is really a sad day for me. I always figured that things were just hot momentarily but when things eased up things you would be up and popping again. I really wish you would reconsider the selling of the domain name for a while to see if there's a chance to resurrect the site again. But more than anything I'd like to thank you for your selfless dedication to the culture and spreading of knowledge. There's no other site like this and I doubt they'll be another. Thank you my brother and good luck in all your future endeavors. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your Hard work!
R. I. P. MT

Awthentix said...

Say it ain't so....the last of a dying breed. You help keep most of these artist relevant by posting their music to such a broad and diverse audience. If "they" were smart they would have found a way to co-op with you in order to utilize all of the followers and music enthusiast to turn a profit. Regardless of how digital downloading and filehosting is regulated "we" will find a way...regardless of the current events your services were great appreciated, and your success with future endeavora is undeniable. Keep it pimpin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything I have come to this site for years and much appreciated what you have done for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Peace. Thank you M.T. I've been down for many years, months and days.

Perlynuttz said...

Taint, thanks for everything. you guys had me ahead of the game for a long time. people always asked where i got my music from, how i got albums weeks before they dropped and how good the sound quality was. i new when everything dropped because of you. this is a damn shame. but you helped me out big time for a minute and i appreciate that

Majesty said...

thanks alot..it's been a great ride. Much success in whatever you wanna do in the future.

fuckin gutted said...

Cheers for giving me the soundtrack to my last 5 years Taint. You are a true legend!!!!!

Old Pro said...

Thanks for keeping it going as long as you did. Peace and success to you moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything , you were tbe F'n man, sorry its over

Robert said...

much love ,THE MEXICAN TAINT it has been a good ride from the software,Mexican Taint Conspiracy Marquee that others dare to post to Jedi Mind Tricks NotoriousRambo: real comments

bodunrin said...

you had a great run....Thanks so much for the music, videos etc and taking the time out of your personal life to put this together..that sucks man you were one of my daily stops.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Taint. You guys will be missed.

I want to invite the Taint staff and everyone else to www.mv-underworld.com

You can find all the latest music videos and mp3 releases on MV-Underworld.

Anonymous said...


David Dil said...

my 4 external hard drives and myself thank you for the great memories and downloads.

Anonymous said...

Thanks taint for all the music and programs dawg!!! Don't think for a minute that you are not appreciated...Thanks again!!!!

figster said...

its a shame to see one of my personal favorite sites going away. Thank You so much for everything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the poster and publishers of the site...All the artists that didn't flip on the site and to the original tainter You were a god among men!!! Gracias amigos!

Anonymous said...

Good Show my friend Taint......... as we bid farewell in the the sweet goodnight, I will remember the great times, early leaks, complete works, shitty cams, all in the name of the underground......good night my friends......good night.

mr. childs 2 said...

it was a great run...

Cubanofromnyc said...

I wanted to post a thanks and good luck on your future endeavors ...

I've been using your site for years, hell I hit your site on the daily for long stretches even when you were down for a while, i joined your group on facebook ... to keep up on what was going on...

All the best and thanks for keeping it up as long as you have.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the hard work you've put into this blog. respect!

ALLIKnow said...

Taint, You are the best that ever did it in my book! Hold your head high I appreciate you for all your dedication to true quality hookups. PEACE.

JuggsfromDC said...

( . ) ( . ) farewell. This was one of the first sites I learned to pirate from and find my goodies. :)

brucewayne said...

Damn MT I've been with you just over two years and I'm damn sad to see you go but I guess nothing lasts forever. Stay up homie see you on the other side.

saint said...

I've been with you for a loong time. I discovered you quite by accident( we share a love for karate movies-Shaw Bros., and I was on some sight posting like crazy), and I would come to you first, before going to some of the other sites, because i could get what what i want, plus some shit i never knew existed. You've definitely blessed me with some jewels over the years. Stay up.

gutta said...


Anonymous said...

keep it real my man. its been a god run

jrrider said...

Damn shame. Been coming here a long time. Much respect and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Damn Taint.

Never thought i'd see the day. Sad, but thank you so much for your hard work

Where can i donate fam?

Chief55 said...

thanks a lot Taint.

Your site was the greatest shit ever.

Much Respect, Chief

Anonymous said...

thanks taint, do anybody know who's second to taint or 3rd or 4th, i need another site asap

Richie Schmidt said...

Mexican Taint, my first music blog bookmark. Never thought the power/greed heads would shut us down like this. I'm from the record store era & it was basically the same thing. You would listen to an album & if you thought it was bangin' most likely you would buy it. One of the (many)great things about the site was discovering new and diverse styles of music, opening the door to artists that might not get heard otherwise. Thanks for everything. Respect all your hard work over the years! Wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything; it's a shame it had to come to this.

Anonymous said...

yo!! Big Up From Norway -Much Respect

Anonymous said...

thanks for everythin
thanks from germany for your
wonderful work.

Absolute Q said...

your domain sale page is not working kindly contact me i wanna buy your domain

contact me grandhustlemovement [ at ] gmail .com

Kimberly Keller said...

I can't recall what comment I did leave for you, Taint, the first time we ever communicated. But I say it again!
Loyalty & Dedication is mab my my closest words. You had a great run, many great posts, and lots of great followers. I know I'll miss you and the site. Best, forever, for you

Anonymous said...

This site was ill.

Creo said...

damn thats a sad day for me, absolutely my favorite site, youll be really missed bro. Much respect from Italy homie, thanks for everythin.

Dirty Sanchez said...


Came back from deployment, and was looking forward to hitting up MT to catch up on all I've missed. Looks like I'll be looking for another way of finding it all.

Do wanna say thanks though. This site was the absolute best at what it did, hands down.

Anonymous said...

Please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the realest blog.


boerbier said...

thnx for the beautiful music

Unhappy said...

You can use dropbox...

Anonymous said...


tainter said...

Yoo taint pleaseee come back!!

DwRLoX said...

awww man fuck ! just found your site ! all the best to your future plans man ;) keep it real like you do

oOBubbles said...

Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

gona be missed dawg. wtf!!!!!!

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thanks for all your hard work

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